IMPORTANT: This platform is going to be shutting down next March 30.


Dear IGU family

This platform is going to be shutting down next March 30, 2021, but you will have another new platform. We are ready to launch the new IGU Members Portal, the  new digital platform will be  launched next  March 31st, 2021. Be aware of the email with the official announcement by the Secretary General with all the info you need to register into the new platform.

What is the new Members Portal?

It is new that the new Members Portal will abandon the generic ID and password. You will have your personalized ID and password at your choice the first time to connect to it. Newest Members Portal  is a digital platform to connect members and support interactive communication amongst themselves and with the IGU team,  it will help strengthen the global voice of gas by giving you an opportunity to make yourself  heard.

A unique web for Members and Groups

In the past IGU member digital services were supported by a Members Portal and a Groups Portal separately and on different platforms. The new Members Portal is a redesigned web, which includes key member information from both past platforms,  in a unique web,  and will bring a more functional and user-friendly site, allowing for better knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Note that the access to this platform will not be allowed from next march 30 and will become old platform, all actions you need to do in the members portal could be done by the new platform.


 Contact details:





Luis Bertrán Rafecas

+34 93 402 5581

+34 629 226 924

Luis Calvo

+34 93 402 6823

+34 616 40 72 81

Marcela Martinez Serret

+34 93 403 8164

+34 648 647 110

Hyun Chang Kim

+34 93 412 9934

+34 660 480 394

Håkon Olav Huglen

Luisa Peris Meléndez

+34 93 403 8264

+34 699 671 597

Emma Siobhan

+34 93 403 8340

+34 683 588 428 




IGU Membership site; 

At this site you find information about upcoming and previous meetings. Also detailed information about IGU members and organisation.