Winners of the IGU Gas Awards 2009-2012

The winners for IGU Gas Awards have been announced



For the 2009-2012 awards, IGU received 150 submissions for the Social Gas Award and 25 for the Gas Efficiency Award. In March 2012 the winners for each award have been selected by the IGU Evaluation Committee. 


The winners of the 2009-2012 edition of the IGU Gas Awards are:

  • Social Gas Award: Luis Felipe Fernandez Perez, Crude Oil Commercial Manager, Pluspetrol Norte S.A.



  • Gas Efficiency Award: Kunihiro Nishizaki, Deputy General Manager, PEFC Development, Department of Technology Solutions, Tokyo Gas; and Kazuhiro Hirai, Manager, micro-CHP Development Department, Residentia lEnergy Business Unit, Osaka Gas
          Commercialization of a residential PEM Fuel Cell CHP “ENE FARM”