Gas Markets Committee

The role of the Gas Markets Committee is to analyze and report how to position natural gas as a primary fuel source in the future global energy mix, advance discussions on a regional basis to overcome barriers for the gas industry, and analyze the security of gas supplies in terms of sources (LNG, gas pipelines) as compared with other energy sources.


Mr Réda Bouchair

Ms Christina Zhaoyan Liu  

Mr Tarik Taffar


The committee will operate three study groups:

  1. The role of gas markets (demand) as a driver for the development of new sources of supply
  2. Newly emerging gas markets-Latin America, Middle East, South East Asia.
  3. Principal new sources of gas (biogas, methane hydrates) and their possible impact on global energy markets.

Information from last triennium (2012-2015):

Study Groups

Study Group C.1: Role of Natural Gas in Electricity Generation Mix

Led by Alexey BITERYAKOV (OAO Gazprom, Russia)

- Work Scope

    • Provide an overview of fuel mix in electricity generation in the major economies
    • Identify major changes and emerging issues in power markets and examine the implications to gas market
    • Conduct a comparative analysis on price competitiveness across fuels for power generation
    • Analyze changes on governmental nuclear policies in the major economies and their impact
    • Offer strategic policy options for both developing and developed gas markets



Study Group C.2: Implications of Developing Unconventional Gas

Led by Shigeki SAKAMOTO (JX Nippon, Japan)

- Work Scope

    • Identify supply potentials and characteristics of unconventional natural gas resources around the world
    • Changes in government policies and energy mix in the unconventional gas-abundant countires
    • Identify issues and challenges pertaining to development of unconventional natural gas
    • Analyse the potential impact on gas supply-demand balance and prices in both regional and global gas markets
    • Provide strategic policy options for both developing and developed gas markets




PGC C Informal Meeting: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 3 June 2012

PGC C 1st Meeting (with PGC B): Oran, Algeria, 27-28 November, 2012

PGC C 2nd Meeting (with PGC B): Jeju Island, Korea, 20-22 March 2013




PGC C Report 2003-2006

PGC C Report 2006-2009

PGC C Report 2009-2012 (PGC C members only)