Research and Development and Innovation Committee

The key role of the R&D and Innovation Committee is to support the organization of the 2017 International Gas Research Conference by encouraging input from R&D institutes and researchers and creating and executing the conference program. The R&D and Innovation Committee will promote exchange and collaboration in global natural gas research, technology transfer, and emerging technology and innovation that is occurring across the entire natural gas value chain the natural gas industry is experiencing. The Committee will catalyze the international exchange and improve “time to market” of new natural gas-based energy concepts and technology solutions.


Dr Gerard Linke Dr Hisataka Yakabe

Uwe Klaas

Gerald Linke






The committee will organize three study groups and two sub-task forces that will focus on the following:
1 Research Radar: This group will focus on the identification of current R&D topics along the gas chain. The group will work with all relevant working groups including exploration and production, storage, transport, distribution and utilization.
2 Supporting Natural Gas Marketing Through Innovations: This group will select examples of technologies that improve the general acceptance for natural gas as a fuel including the following:
• Power to gas and convergence of energy systems
• Efficiency increases through advanced technologies
• Gases from renewables (biogas, hydrogen) and carbon management
3 Gas Driven Mobility: This group will examine the potential of natural gas as a transportation fuel. The focus will be on innovative technology using LNG or hydrogen or hythane. This includes non-road vehicles such as ships, train engines and airplanes, and the related business models in logistics.

Sub-Task Forces:

  1. Renewables, CO2 Emissions and Hydrogen
  2. Gas Quality



Information from last triennium (2012-2015)


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