Strategy Committee

The Strategy Committee will focus on issues related to accessing and transporting new gas supplies such as long-term market development, gas pricing policies and best practices in governance and regulation. Of special interest will be gas resource development in the Artic. The Strategy Committee also produces the Wholesale Price Survey- a report that provides an understanding of natural gas pricing mechanisms and worldwide wholesale gas price formation trends in gas traded internationally and for gas produced and consumed in country. The survey covers 65 countries representing 93% of world gas consumption.


Ulco Vermeulen

Mr Ulco Vermeulen 




Mr Klaus-Dieter Gebhard




Ms Jeanet van Dellen 



The committee will organize three study groups focusing on the following topics:

  1. Long term gas market study
  2. Gas pricing
  3. Best practices in governance and regulation





Information from last triennium (2012-2015)



The World Gas Supplies, Demand & Trade Study Group will: 

• Continue to analyse regional scenarios and levels of uncertainty in gas supplies, demand and trade, by considering both the 2000 – 2035 timescale and identifying future scenarios that include the BAU and IGU green scenario

• Identify government policies and company strategies that affect:

• Indigenous gas supplies and exports including non conventional gas

• Local market development 

• Development of alternative energies in the power generation sector 

• Inter-regional trade

• Other stakeholders


The Wholesale Gas Price Formation Study Group will: 

• Assess the potential and implications of gas market globalisation, by considering LNG infrastructures and trade developments in particular, and also potential price convergences across global gas hubs 

• Develop a better understanding of the price elasticity, price volatility and price drivers of gas on different markets and future gas price determinants, 

• Continue to survey national wholesale prices and gas price formation methods in every country worldwide. This survey will include:

• Identifying the lessons to be learned and forecasting future trends 

• Local gas price determinants in producing countries

• Develop a better understanding of the fuels that rival gas as a source of energy and their price elasticity, the true cost/benefits of price volatility, price drivers in different markets and their impact as well as the impact of different price mechanisms and indexation on baseload power generation


The Strategy and Regulation Study Group will: 

• Assess natural gas market reforms 

• Develop case studies covering corporate responses to the technical, commercial and regulatory changes affecting the gas industry

• Share best industry experiences, by Identifying strategies to mitigate commercial and regulatory risks

• Identify the potential for cooperation between natural gas players with a focus on success stories between IOCs, NOCs and Service Providers 

• Assess the effects of globalisation on the world gas supply chain, by understanding how industry structures will evolve, and how this will affect the number of firms in the gas business