Study Group 4: Environmental Aspects of Unconventional Gas




Golden Age of natural gas scenario by IEA assumes prices are $3 to $7 per mcf due to ample supply, primary from unconventional resources in many areas of the world. But, producing unconventional gas is generally imposing a larger environmental footprint than conventional gas development and it is getting controversial. Some governments are hesitant, or even actively opposed, responding to public concerns that production might involve unacceptable environmental and social damage.

Based on IGU Report “Shale Gas: The Facts about the Environmental Concerns”, learning from the discussions and experiences in North America, looking regional developments also, collecting those environmental arguments exhaustively, this study group categorize and analyze their backgrounds and identify management and technology best practices to solve them.(Collaborate with WOC1 on the latest exploration and production technologies, WOC3 on “Public Acceptance & New Technologies” and “Middle Infrastructure” issues.)