• Purpose & Scope

PGC D’s role is to monitor and promote the development of the LNG business.  The committee will study topics of current importance and interest to LNG industry participants and interested stakeholders from other segments of the natural gas industry.  The output of the committee will provide a clear understanding of the global LNG industry and the challenges ahead.  The committee will monitor the LNG business by issuing a report, which will provide historical data on the LNG trade, LNG liquefaction capacity, LNG shipping fleet and re-gasification terminals. In addition the report will highlight emerging trends within each part of the LNG value chain. 




Alaa Abujbara
Marketing  Director

Dirk Van Slooten
Marketing Director

Abdulla Al  Hussaini
Head of Marketing EOS






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Study Groups

Study Group PGC.D1- Enhance Terminal Compatibility

  • Lead – Jean-Yves Capelle [TOTAL]
  • Sub groups organized to review the following topics affecting compatibility

    -Operational safety – LNG Facilities & Carries
    -Characteristics of LNG Carriers
    - Characteristics of LNG Facilities
     -New Creative LNG facilities

Study Group PGC.D 2 – Penetrate New Markets for LNG

  • Lead – Ted Williams [American Gas Association]
  • Sub groups organized to study the following topics affecting compatibility
    -    Identify key market drivers for implementation of LNG projects to meet 
         and ustain current & future overall natural gas demand and new 
         end use needs
     -    Identify barriers to entry – overcome or minimized in the course   
          of introducing LNG supply
      -   Formalize analysis of new market entrants based on this experience 
          and using previously applied method or develop new analysis

Study Group PGC.D 3 – Enhance Efficiently in the LNG Value Chain

  • Lead – Rob Klein Nagelvoort
  • Sub groups organized to study the following topics affecting compatibility

    -   Status – operating / new / future projects
    -   New onshore& offshore techno9liogiers
    -   New LNG operation
    -   Different construction approaches
    -   Enhance efficiency in existing facilities
    -   Efficiency of well to electrons
     -   New uses of LNG project
     -   Gas price vs. efficiency
      -  Utilization vs. efficiency
  • Study: Potential of Small LNG