Programme Committee E (PGC E)

This portal shall give you an overview of the team who stands behind the Marketing Committee as well as our objectives. It also includes information and a link to a page with information about our next meeting.



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Marc Hall


Bayerngas, Germany

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Roland Mett

GasNatural Fenosa, Spain


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Barbara Anette Schmid

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The image of natural gas as the fuel of choice is currently facing major challenges where climate change has become one of the top political issues, customer’s ecological awareness and the requirement for using “green” energies has strongly increased. Furthermore security of supply has become one of the biggest political issues with domestic gas reserves running short in many regions. Electricity that is generated from renewables or nuclear power is fast gaining ground as a competing fuel based on the argument that they are more able to give adequate answers to the challenges mentioned.


Based on this premise, a new programme committee on Marketing (PGC-E) has been formed, from the former Intergas Marketing (IGM). The role of PGC-E is to identify and develop ideas, tools and products for successful promotion and sale of natural gas.


During this triennium, the Committee will divide its work into three study groups covering the following areas:


                                   1. Natural gas and renewables

                                   2. Marketing campaigns

                                   3. Image of natural gas and communication


The work of the study groups will be largely based on success stories, evaluating the key drivers behind them.

The deliverables at the end of the triennium will be to provide a deeper knowledge and understanding of how to promote the numerous advantages of natural gas in comparison with other fossil fuels.

Study Group 1 (SG E.1)

Natural gas and renewables

Study Group 2 (SG E.2)

Marketing campaigns

Study Group 3 (SG E.3)

Image of natural gas


Please find more information about the Scopes and Purposes of each study group here:



All information about the meetings as well as all working documents can be found here:


This is the latest contact list of members:

2012.04.03_List of members PGC E.pdf


Kind regards,


Marc Hall

Chairman PGC E