PGC D will continue to monitor the LNG business closely by issuing a report, which will provide statistics as well as highlight the trends of the LNG trade and LNG shipping. This report will also address LNG Chain developments providing an update on perspectives in the future. The studies will also provide some necessary input on the issue of security of supply, one of increasing concern to policy makers and the market in general, and which has been specifically included in the Strategic Guidelines of the Triennial Work Programme. PGC D will also perform, during this triennium, studies on LNG topics of interest to IGU Members. For this triennium, following three topics have been selected to be studied in PGC D.
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Al AbujbaraVice Chairman: Alaa ABUJBARA


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Study groups:

Study Group D.1

LNG quality and interchangeability

Scope and Purpose

Qualities of LNG differ considerably from the various markets around the world, Asia-Pacific, Europe and USA. To avoid unnecessary and expensive processing at the LNG export plants and import terminals, we should promote flexible LNG trading and lower LNG cost. This study continues the 2003-2006 triennium study to fill in some of the gaps by extending the work to more countries, review issues highlighted by some more recent projects, and propose for harmonization, following the recommendations in the former study group report.


Study Group D.2

LNG contracts clauses for more flexible global LNG Market

Scope and Purpose

There are several barriers to obstruct the sound growth of LNG Market. One of them is ‘LNG Contracts.’ Such a circumstance was acknowledged among sellers and buyers and there was almost no alternative before early 2000. However, LNG Market itself has changed more rapidly than we expected these days. If these conditions continued for several years, we should meet the huge troubles which will wither the growth of LNG Market in the world. One of the most important objectives is to make LNG world trade more active. We have to study the LNG contracts clauses in detail such as destination clause, take or pay clause, the restriction of flexibility in quantity.

Study Group D.3

Creative solutions for new LNG facilities

Scope and Purpose

New LNG projects will find it increasingly hard to meet the key criteria of profitability and public acceptability. LNG plants are likely to be in more remote locations, involve more difficult gases, or not have economy of scale – and they will be challenged by high construction costs. LNG terminals are subject to increasing public opposition, and schemes may have to include new ways of providing buffer capacity in markets with large variations. This study group will explore various alternatives (such as new onshore and offshore technologies, and different construction approaches) that can address these issues and provide some promising ideas and guidance.