Study Group 4.2: Leakage Reduction.

Review of Leakage Reduction strategies & practices. Chair: Fergal Geoghegan, Ireland. Deputy: Steve Vick, UK. Terms of Reference: The study will determine the process necessary for the evaluation and determination of leading practices used in the industry for the management of leakage from gas distribution systems. These leading practices will be based on reviewing commonly defined metrics of operational performance. Methane is a significant greenhouse gas and leakage is perceived to contribute to depletion of the ozone layer. Leakage also presents safety, economic and operational challenges to distribution operators. Objectives and expected results A review of leakage management strategies across member countries; Assessment of the ability to quantify leakage from distribution systems; Specific focus on the effectiveness of leakage survey methodologies; Identification of best practices in leakage management systems; Review of existing and emerging technologies for leakage control.

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