Study Group 4.3: Third party damage

Development of best practices for the prevention of third party interference damage to distribution assets. Chair: Svend Bomholt, Denmark. Deputy: Kevin Knapp, USA. Terms of Reference: This is a study to evaluate how each of the IGU member countries approach the reduction of third party interference damage to gas distribution systems. This emerged as a major integrity issue from the 2003-2006 triennium study. It is important to determine the various approaches, funding levels, legal requirements and collaborative efforts currently in place. Objectives and expected results The study will provide a review of damage control activities systems including: Provision of plant records & information to enable location; Legal/regulatory requirements driving plant location; Measures of effectiveness of plant protection systems; Resourcing requirements for site attendance where provided; Review of existing and emerging technologies for damage control; Identification of best practices in plant and damage location systems across all utilities.

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