Coordination Committee (CC)

The CC is responsible for coordinating the work of the IGU Technical Committees and Task Forces which will take place from mid June 2012 to June 2015. The CC is the main body behind the preparation of the Technical Programme for the 26th World Gas Conference in June 2015, and supports other IGU Management bodies when appropriate.

Contact  points in  the Coordination Committee 2012-2015 are: 


George Liens CHAIR 
Mr Georges Liens
(GDF SUEZ Group)

12 rue Raoul Nordling
92270 Bois-Colombes

tel +33 1 46 52 75 29
mobile +3360 7733 179
fax +33 1 46 52 30 18
Mel Ydreos

Mr Mel Ydreos

164 Heward Avenue
Toronto ON M5G 2C8


Yves Tourne

Mr Yves Tournié

Tour Newton
9 place des Vosges
92400 Courbevoie  

tel +33 1 47 44 7054
mobile +33 6 7290 1259

Purpose and scope

The TWP is the core document of the Presidency and provides a blueprint of the work that will be carried out during the triennium.   The document was very well received by the IGU Executive Committee and approved in October 2011.  It was subsequently endorsed by the IGU Council in October 2011. In essence, the 2012-2015 TWP aims to promote progress, competitiveness and value of the global gas industry, through the development and exchange of knowledge and information and networking among IGU members and the global community.  Hence it support the mission of IGU to reach its vision of being "the most influential, effective and independent non-profit organization, while serving as the spokesman for the gas industry worldwide". 

The workforce behind the TWP comprises technical committees formed to address specific studies covering the entire gas chain, as well as all the major "horizontal" issues concerning the world gas industry. In addition, Special Projects identified by the Presidency will also be undertaken by task forces.  A total of 14 committees, six Programme Committees (PGCs), five Working Committees (WOCs) and three Task Forces on Special Projects (TFs) form the backbone to support the work as defined in the TWP.  (Link here to TWP)

Environmental issues (climate change);

A special Work Group for Sustainable Development focused on the role of gas in mitigating climate change has also been set up during the Malaysian triennium.  This group which is chaired by the Secretary General will promote natural gas as part of sustainable development  at international forums such as the UN Climate Conference (COP).