Study Group Report

This folder contains draft Study Group materials associated with the final report to be presented at the 2015 World Gas Conference.
Base Document

Here’s is the base document developed today for our work, showing commitments for Melaka meeting writing assignments. In completing your writing assignments, please do the following: • Save the document with your name or initials added to the end of the file name • Email your document to participants using “reply to all” • Post your document on the IGU website collaborative area under “report development.” Recall that we are looking for completing these writing assignments no later than the end of October.

ISO-Compliant Text for Part 2 of Study Group Report

This text is provided to meet ISO minimum requirements for LCA and follows a discussion of the Study Group report, which is to develop LCA data in modular form for general use (an LCI, not an LCA as such).

Base Document Update - 30 October 2014

This is a revised version of the base document for the Study Group report provided by Qatargas. Note: This version of the base document, like the preceding one, is not reformatted into the Part One and Part Two format discussed at the Melaka meeting.