Study Group 1 (Carbon Capture and Storage)


LEADER: Hiromichi KAMEYAMA, Tokyo Gas (Japan)




CCS has the potential to play an important role amongst a broad portfolio of options, including energy efficiency or renewables, for addressing energy security and tackling climate change. According to some energy scenarios, CCS can contribute even to 20% of the necessary GHG emissions reductions for halving emissions by 2050. CCS technology could become a threat to the gas industry, giving an added value on other fuels like coal, but the gas industry has the potential to lead in this CCS technology. R&D efforts need a long lead time and careful discussions are needed on drawing the technology road map.

This study group, collaborating with WOC1 on geological, WOC2 on storage, WOC3 on CO2 pipeline issues, eying to make the technology “Road map”, showing different aspects and progresses of the ongoing projects, suggests preferred direction for future CCS development in the sustainable gas industry in this triennium.

The roles of CCS in a sustainable gas industry are:

1) Cut CO2-emissions from gas industry itself and natural gas consumers.

 2) Help formation of a low carbon energy portfolio by working other energy sources.

3) Expanding the business of the gas industry by creating new value, using CCS technology.