2nd meeting St. Petersburg, 28-31 May 2013


The second meeting of WOC 2 took place in St. Petersburg, Russia, 28-31 May 2013. Committee members will debate on the themes for the next World Gas Conference and define the most important theses to be developed in their triennial report.

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Plenary sessions, 29 May

 Nikita Barsuk, Overview of current UGS Gazprom developments

Ladislav Goryl, Updates from CC IGU/Key deadlines for TWP 2012-2015

Gholam Ali Rajabi, 3rd WOC2 meeting (October 2013, Teheran) - Invitation

 Workshop: Enhancing of performance and efficiency of storage facilities , 29 May

Roman Nikitin, Operational safety andefficiency of storage facilities in Russia

Helene Giouse, A new method to determine wells productivity

Alexandr Grigoriev, Efficient operation of UGS Banatski Dvor (Serbia). Current situation and prospects.

Nikita Barsuk, Permanent program of tightness monitoring at the UGS in porous media. Methodological an Technological solutions.

Dmitry Pavlenko, Year of ecology in GAZPROM – Goals, Objectives, Progress

Viktar Tkachou, The Experience of Conversion and Use of Depleted Brine Caverns for Natural Gas Storing in Mozyr UGS 

V. Ivanov, New technologies of diagnostic for safe and efficient operation of UGS wells

 Study group sessions, 30 May

SG2.1 Vladimír Lorenc, UGS database

SG2.1 Viera Khvostova, Collection of data on global projects of non-hydrocarbon gases utilization and sequestration


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Plenary sessions, 29 May


WOC 2 Sub-group meetings


SG2.1 Wrap up


SG2.2 Wrap up


SG2.3 Wrap up