4th meeting Pau, 19-21 March 2014


The 4th WOC2's meeting was held in Pau (France) from 19th to 21th of March 2014 kindly hosted by the TIGF, Storengy, Géostock, EDF and Total.

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Plenary sessions

Ladislav Goryl, Key goals of WOC2 4th meeting

Opening by TOTAL

Opening by TIGF

Workshop: Energy efficient operation gas storage leading to reduced environmental footprint

Ch. Maisons, J. Grappe, Magnitude_IMEQ_UGS_IGU

G. Annunziata, Pau rete sismica Collalto

D.K. Shterev, Pau_D_SHT_CONE_.Depr

A. I. Ermolaev, Optimization of UGS operation processes

Ľ. Greif, NAFTA_ Optimalization of UGS operation processes

L. Tang, Gas Injection Rate Transient Analysis

A. Böhmer, HandOut-FlipChart

N. Barsuk, Ejection technologies for UGS

A. Böhmer, Projects related to environmental footprint-EON-Gas-Storage

J. Grappe,  Natural Gas UGS in Salt Caverns

WOC 2 Sub-group meetings


2014 03 20 SG2.1_ wrap up


2014 03 20 SG2.2_ wrap up


2014 03 20 SG2.3_wrap up