1st meeting Bratislava, 23-26 October 2012





The first meeting of WOC 2 in the current IGU triennium took place at the Falkensteiner Hotel located in the old part of the city center of the Slovak capital, and near Bratislava Castle, Slovakia, 23-26 October 2012

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Important information about Slovakia


WOC 2 meeting

Martin Bartošovič, Introduction of Storage Activities in Slovakia

Jan Klepáč, Overview of Slovak gas industry

Hélène Giouse,  2012 World gas conference´s outcomes and WOC2 past triennium work program results of the former WOC2

Georges Liens,  Implementation of the TWP 2012-2015

Ladisla Goryl, WOC2 program - Goryl, Barsuk

Workshop: Introduction & Latest Development in your companies

Luís Ferreira da CostaOverview UGS in Portugal

Fred Metzger, Storage Presentation USA

Jacques Grappe, Brief update of the GK recent development

Natallia Asipchyk, Overview of the UGS in Belarus

Nikita Barsuk, Opportunities and prospects of UGS projects of Gazprom in Europe

Philippe Meynard, Storengy, Storing energy, Supplying flexibility

Siegfried Kiss, UGS are the Energy Storage today and in the future

James Bradley, Update on the Islandmagee salt cavern


Wrap up

WOC2 meeting_Wrap up