WOC 1 Second Meeting

The second meeting of WOC 1 took place in Rio de Janeiro, 18-21 February 2013, in conjunction with PGC A. Committee members learned about the Brazilian gas industry and delivered their first analyses on the triennial working programme established in Sapporo.

Petrobras R&D Centre


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Plenary sessions, 19 February

Brazilian gas panel

Alcides Santoro, The natural gas market in Brazil

Luis Domenech, Regional integration

Milton Costa Filho, Potential of the Brazilian O&G industry 

Cynthia Silveira, An Insight on the Brazilian gas industry challenges

Marco Tavares, Unconventional gas

Aldo Barroso Cores Jr, Governance, regulatory framework and new issues

Brazilian sustainability panel

Bent Svensson, The global gas flaring reduction programme

Denis Krambeck Dinelli, Petrobras' POAG 2015

Elbia Melo, Wind energy in Brazil


Yves Tournie, News from the Coordination Committee

WOC 1 Plenary

Denis Krambeck Dinelli, Advances and next steps for WOC 1

Study group sessions, 19 February

SG 1.1 E&P Technology

Mariano Garcia, Applied technologies for tight and shale

Ekaterina Litvinova, The Zapolyarnoye field

SG 1.2 Assessment of reserves and resources

Said Chelbeb, Balance sheet of shale gas resources in the world

SG 1.3 Gas rent and mineral property rights

Adauto Pereira, Granting documents

Demetrius Casteloes Abdala, Brazilian fiscal regimes

Edmar de Almeida, E&P fiscal systems in Latin America: An overview 

Ik Hyun Park, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, Angola

Plenary Sessions, 20 February

WOC 1 Plenary

Adif Zulkifli, Next Steps for SG 1.1

Mohammed Kaced, Next Steps for SG 1.2

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, Next Steps for SG 1.3

Joint Plenary

Nazri Malek, Kota Kinabalu Meeting

Overview and trends on exploration and production, biofuels and sustainability workshop

Ana Paula Fonseca, Compact and other advanced GTL technologies

Breno Pietracci, Location and capacity of biofuel mills in Brazil

Donato Aranda, Biodiesel, biofuel for aviation and sustainability

Luis Mendonca, The National Organisation of the Petroleum Industry (ONIP)


Minutes of meeting

Minutes of Rio meeting



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