3rd Meeting: Italy




  1. Reopening Plenary Meeting

  2. Approval of the agenda (Mr Benjamín Guzmán )

  3. Approval of the minutes of 2nd 2013 Working Committee held in Houston, USA October 1-3 2013(Mr Benjamín Guzmán )

  4. CIG Activity( Mr Michele Ronchi - Comitato Italiano Gas)

  5. "TWP 2012-2015 & Organization of WGC2015 Status"(Mr Yves  Tournié -IGU Secretary CC WGC2015)

  6. "Status of the Report Natural Gas Facts and Figures" – (Ms EmmauelleWicquart  -  CC WGC2015)

  7. Report of the Study Group leaders

                    SG3.1 & SG3.3 – Mr Peter Toth                

                    SG3.2 – Mr Abderrahmane Taberkokt

  8. “Zimella-Cervignano Pipeline Project” (Mr Simone Nobili  - Snam Rete Gas)

  9. ”Pipeline Safety in the UK"  - (Mr Ian Fordyce -DNV GL - UK Oil & Gas)

  10. “Construction of Pipelines in Highly Dense Population Areas” (Mr Sung Baek - KOGAS)

  11. “Computer Simulation of the CO2 Flow in Pipelines“(AndrzejOsiadacz - Warsaw University of Technology)

  12. EMAT TECHNOLOGIES – Detection of Pipeline cracks check up to coating quality (Ms Olga Cherkashina . SNG)


    Algeria Germany Russia
    Argentina Italy Slovakia
    Australia Japan Spain
    Croatia Korea Thailand
    Czech Republic Malaysia Tunisia
    Denmark Norway UK
    Finland Peru United States
    France Poland Venezuela
  14. Venue of the next meeting

  15. Closing remarks (Mr Benjamín Guzmán)




TECHNICAL VISIT: SRG-Real Time Simulation