4th Meeting: Praga

  1.  Plenary Meeting
  2. Public Acceptance-(Mr Dimitri Schildmeijer )
  3. Technical presentations
    • Strain-based pipeline design — Dr. Nobuhisa Suzuki, P.E.,JFE Steel Corporation (This presentation is not available)
    • Gas network modelling — Martin Stýblo, SIMONE Research Group,s.r.o.
    • Stakeholder Management — an approach for gas pipeline projects— Carlos Sergio de C. Mazzei, TBG-
  4. Country presentations
    • New gas transmission projects in Slovakia (This presentation is not available)
  5. Summary Study Groups, Tasks for next term
  6. Venue of the next meeting The next meeting will held in Oran -Argelia in March 2015. In the following days we will confirm the information or this event
  7. Closing remarks (Mr Benjamín Guzmán )



    Working Committee 3 Prague report