Presentations 3rd meeting IGU WOC 4

Presentations given in course fo the third meeting of IGU WOC 4

Presentation SG 4.1

Prresentation about the progress of work in SG 4.1

Presentation SG 4.2

Presentation showing the work progress in IGU SG 4.2

Presentation work progress IGU SG 4.3

Presentation of the work progress in IGU SG 4.3

Presentation Madrid

Presentation given by José Maria Almacellas, introducing the location for the 4th meeting of IGU WOC 4

Presentation AFG

Presentation given by Madeleine Lafon to IGU WOC 4 about the activities of the French gas association AFG

Presentation IGU CC

Presentation about the activities fo IGU CC, given by the IGU CC chairman Georges Liens

Presentation GrDF

Presentation baout the French distribution grid operator GrDF, given by Benoit Chartreuil and Roch Drozdowski

Presentation P2G

Presentation about Power to Gas, presented to IGU WOC 4 by Sandra Copela

Presentation GDF Suez

Presentation about GDF Suez, presented by Paul Vercamer