IEF - IGU Ministerial Forum

This page contains pdf material from Ministerial Gas Forums arranged by IGU and the International Energy Forum (IEF). The objective of these high level meetings is to enhance the dialogue between Governments, Organisations and Companies in the global gas industry. This IEF-IGU Ministerial Gas Forum is an important arena for promoting and strengthening a global dialogue between natural gas producing and consuming countries, and is arranged every second year.

IEF-IGU Ministerial Forum

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The world has been through dramatic changes, in almost every aspect of the society: economy, politics, environment, employment and technology. Increasing population, economic growth, and the need to improve access to modern energy services for hundreds of millions of people will put additional pressure on energy resources and the environment.

Due to its qualities and availability natural gas can play an important role in helping energy policy makers to meet the energy and environmental challenges. Sustained energy policies and stable fiscal regimes contribute to reduce uncertainties in the investment climate and enable the industry to plan, invest and meet future energy needs. Improved cooperation within the industry and with other stakeholders, including governments, best catalyzes natural gas development and global energy security. 

The IEF-IGU Ministerial Gas Forum is now established as a regular platform for Ministers and senior decision makers to discuss key developments in the gas industry.