IGU Gas Efficiency Award 2008

In 2008 IGU arranged for the very first time a Gas Efficiency Award competition in order to call for new ideas and projects aimed at obtaining greater efficiency in the use of gas. IGU will arrange this competition also for for 2009

IGU considers energy efficiency to be one of the more important ways of achieving a more sustainable future and enhancing security of supply. By introducing this Award IGU sought to:

  • Act as a socially responsible organisation in generating ideas and proposals for improved energy efficiency;
  • Make good use of its assets and thereby promote the Union to the general public; and
  • Strengthen its ties with the academic world and industry.


All IGU members were invited to nominate projects, which were deemed new, feasible and achievable. Two projects which provided the most substantial improvements in gas efficiency were each awarded a prize of €10,000. IGU will arrange this competition also for for 2009. Please find the details in the document below. 

Link to guidelines ( upload in process).

The best of the four projects which have been rewarded altogether in 2008 and 2009, will be invited by the IGU President to present the project at the World Gas Conference in Buenos Aires in October 2009.


The IGU Secretariat received by end of June this year 40 proposals from all over the world. The following two projects were chosen by the evaluation committee since they were considered to be the most forward-looking ideas with the best potential for energy savings. Please find a short description of the projects below.


Japanese Project: “An Economical Thermal Network Cogeneration System for Apartment Building (Neighbouring Cogeneration system)”

Author: Mr. Hideki Yamaguchi Residential Energy System Team, Energy Technology Laboratories, Osaka Gas Co. Ltd.

Co-author: Mr. Yoshinori Hisazumi, Senior Engineer Energy Technology Laboratories Osaka Gas

Link to summary of project



Dutch-German Project: “A new generation of gas fired-heat pumps”

Author: Mr. Paul Vloon, Manager of the group Gas-fired heatpumps of Bosch Thermotechnik

Link to summary of project