IGU Governing Bodies

IGU governing bodies are the Council and the Executive Committee.

The Council

The Council is the main ruling body of IGU. It determines its vision and mission, encourages, promotes and controls the activities and ensures that the necessary means are available.

In addition to the Management Team, the Honorary Officers, one representative of each Charter member and one representative from each Associate and Premium Associate member as well as the members of the Coordination Committee are entitled to attend all Council meetings. In addition, the President may invite guests to the Council meetings for particular purposes. Each Charter member and Premium Associate members present are allowed one vote in the Council. Associate members, Coordination Committee representatives or other delegates are not allowed to vote.

Upon proposal/recommendation from the Executive Committee the Council shall elect from among the Charter Members, one President and one Vice President for each triennium.

The Council shall elect from among the Charter members the Secretary General and may also elect a Deputy Secretary General.

The Council shall appoint the person or persons who, under their individual or collective signatures, may undertake any necessary legal or financial functions on behalf of IGU, and shall define the powers which it accords to them.

The Council meets at least once a year.


The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee governs the IGU in accordance with the aims and means determined by the Council and represents the interests of the IGU in all matters.

It consists of: the President, the Vice President, the Immediate Past President, the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Coordination Committee, a representative from each Charter member, being responsible for an IGU Committee, up to five representatives nominated by the group of Associate members, six representatives, nominated from different Charter members not already represented as described above on the Executive Committee. In addition Regional Coordinators who have been appointed from outside the above mentioned group are also members of the Executive Committee.

The meetings of the Executive Committee take place at least twice a year.