COP 9 Dec 2003

COP9 Milan, Italy, December 2003

Natural gas, the better choice also in transport

Presented by the International Gas Union (IGU)

The article appeared in the "ENB on the Side" daily magazine of the COP (9) taking place in Milan, December 1 - 12, 2003.
Pictured is Jorge Doumanian, Gas Natural Ban S.A

Peter Storm, IGU, highlighted the importance of natural gas in reducing
greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector. He noted that IGU assists in transferring natural gas technologies to developing countries.

Jeffrey Seisler, European Natural Gas Vehicle Associaton (ENGVA), said ENGVA's mission is to develop a sustainable and profitable market for natural gas vehicles (NGV) throughout Europe. He observed that natural gas is safe, less polluting and cheaper than petrol and diesel.

On behalf of R. Yagnik, GAIL India Limited, Jeffrey Seisler, said that New Delhi is experiencing a large increase in vehicle usage, and that this is negatively affecting the city's air quality and human health. He said New Delhi's authorities had responded to these problems by promoting the use of natural gas by private vehicles, taxis and public buses.

View R. Yagnik's presentation here

Flavio Mariani, Eni Gas and Power Division, outlined trends in the use of
NGV in Europe. He said the use of NGVs has expanded due to the low price, high safety level, and low emissions associated with natural gas.

Jorge Doumanian, Gas Natural Ban S.A, described an NGV Programme in
Argentina, which promotes the development of a long-term policy to convert vehicle engines to run on natural gas. He noted that the programme developed a clean, cost-efficient and reliable NGV system.

View Mr. Doumanian's presentation here

Noting the European Commission's target of increasing the number of NGVs by 2020 and Bolivia's plan to increase NGVs by 2008, Bert Panman, IGU, said the natural gas market is growing and stressed that supplies of natural gas are adequate to meet increased demand. He concluded that increasing the use of natural gas will assist in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

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Peter K. Storm
Jeffrey Seisler
Bert Panman
Jorge Doumanian