The Argentine Triennium

After the 23rd World Gas Conference in June 2006, the Presidency of IGU was turned over to Argentina for the Triennium 2006 - 2009.

The President for the 2006-2009 triennium is Mr. Ernesto L.  Anadón, Natural Gas VP of Repson-YPF, who acted as Vice-President during the 2003-2006 triennium.

Mr. Roberto Brandt CEO of MetroGAS, was the Chairman of the Coordonation Committee.

The 24th World Gas Conference took place on October 5 - 9 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The 24th WGC concludes the 2006/2009 Triennium, during which Argentina was responsible for leading IGU's activities.

It was the first time in the history of IGU that the WGC was held in the Southern hemisphere, as well as in a developing country, a fact that gives strong indications of the current dynamics in the global gas industry.


News item 5 June 2006: IGU cements it's strategic focus as the world-wide authority on natural gas

Triennial Work Programme 2006 – 2009

TWP in Brief

Draft Strategic Guidelines (12 March 2006 version)

Introducing the 2006-2009 Triennium, presentation by the incoming CC, Mr. Roberto Brandt