WOC 2 Storage

The WOC 2 aims at providing key information regarding underground gas storage to both its members and decision makers.


According to the 2030 Natural Gas Industry Outlook edited by the IGU in October 2009, working gas volumes are expected to rise from 333 Gm³ in 2005 to 543 Gm³ in 2030, equivalent to a 63% increase. This growth will generate numerous challenges for the gas storage communities such as, finding enough skilled professionals, developing new technologies, considering existing and new regulations. WOC 2 will address these challenges.

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Scope and Purposes

The underground gas storage activity is a valuable part of the gas chain. Both operation and development of storage facilities are know seen as a separate business, supported by the independent companies or subsidiary companies of integrated energy groups.

The operation focuses on two main axis : developping a valuable flexibility for the gas chain and providing security of supply to customers.

Thanks to the work of its 3 study groups, the WOC 2 will analyse the impact of these new challenges in the UGS business.

In terms of organisation, the 2009-2012 Triennium Working Program will include:

  • informal exchanges on topics of current interest in UGS activity through specific workshops 
  • three regular activities undertaken by three different sub-groups.


Study Groups

Study Group 1 : Update and improvement of the Undergroung gas strorage data-base

Study Group 2 : Definition of some best practices in UGS operation and design


Study Group 3 : Skills and Competencies for UGS activities



The first official meeting will take place in Paris on 25 and 26 january 2010. A technical tour will be also organised.