Working Committee 4 - Distribution

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Gas distribution companies are the part of the gas chain with the highest visibility to customers, whilst playing a key role in the progressive development of the gas industry. So their performance in terms of quality, safety, reliability and accountability of service is crucial for the overall success and image of the gas industry.

The primary role of WOC4 will be to support the promotion of industry efficiency and accountability.

Nowadays gas distribution activities are deeply influenced by various factors, arising both from within and outside the industry, such as:

-         Market liberalisation, entailing new activities and competencies;

-         Regulatory bodies, providing rules that deeply affect business;

-         Improved economic performance needs;

-         Increasing demands of customers;

-         New stakeholders with different demands and influence.

WOC4 must consider these influencing factors when conducting studies and developing conclusions and recommendations. Establishing the best practices and drawing tools that can be of tremendous benefit to the distribution community will be the key elements of the committee’s work.

During this triennium, WOC4 will focus on the following study areas:

  • SG 4.1: Gas Distribution Safety Management Systems

  • SG 4.2: Smart metering systems: characteristics, technologies, costs
  • SG 4.3: Unaccounted For Gas: identification, measurement, calculation and management

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