IGU Marketing Committee (IGM)

IGM Chairman 2006-2009

Chairman: Marc Hall, Managing Director

Bayerngas GmbH

Poccistrasse 9, 80336 MÜNCHEN


email: marc.hall@bayerngas.de 
phone: +49 89 7200 316



IGU Marketing Committee is a special IGU committee where members exchange experiences and provides intelligence in the field of gas marketing.

National gas associations and any other gas entity (associations, companies or gas departments of gas companies), capable and willing to contribute to the development of the gas industry within the area of marketing, can become a member of IGM (Article 3, Statutes and Strategy for IGM)


The IGM delegates photographed on Zugspitze,Germany,while in Munich in October 2008.
copyright: Barbara Schmid


Study groups:


M.1: "Natural Gas and Renewables", chaired by Mr. Lars Møller-Jørgensen, Denmark (e-mail: lmjoe@dongenergy.dk) and Drs. Anne Sypkens-Smit, Netherlands (e-mail: asypkenssmit@energiened.nl)

M.2: "How can marketing contribute to promote natural gas in new areas and new technologies", chaired by Mr. Khaled AbuBakr, Egypt (e-mail:  k.abubakr@taqa.com.eg) and Mr. Alexander Moiseev, Russia (e-mail: a.moiseev@irc.gazprom.ru)


IGM Sessions

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