5th IGU PGC C Meeting (Triennium 2006-2009)

Duomo di Milano, which sits at the heart of the city of Milan




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Dr. Mohd. Farid M. Amin (ASCOPE Gas Centre, Malaysia; Chairman PGC C), Ms. Małgorzata Czapka (PGNiG, Poland), Ms. Joanna Książek (PGNiG, Poland), Dr. Henyo Barretto (Petrobras, Brazil), Mr. Robert Bošnjak (EIHP, Croatia), Ms. Mileva Cvetković (JP Srbijagas, Serbia), Mr. Johann Gallistl (OMV Gas & Power, Austria), Mr. Artem Skubriy (JSC Gazprom, Russian Federation), Mr. Dmitry Burlaev (JSC Gazprom, Russian Federation), Mr. Juan de Urraza (Transportadora Gas del Sur, Argentina), Mr. Konstantin Fedorov (JSC Gazprom, Russian Federation), Mr. Marco Gianninoto (ENI S.p.A., Italy), Mr. Carlo Merrigi (ENI S.p.A., Italy), Mr. Rashdan Radzi (PETRONAS, Malaysia; Secretary PGC C)


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Sheraton Diana Majestic

Viale Piave, 42 · Milan 20129 · Italy ·

Phone: (39)(02) 20581 /// Fax: (60 4) 881 1800


292 € per night - single occupancy

N.B.: Rates are inclusive of American Breakfast + VAT

About Milan

Milan has much to offer to the traveler who's visiting Italy.  Being the country's capital in business, fashion, music and design, Milan offers amazing attractions which combine both the past and present.  One and a half million people populate the Northern city.  Located south of the Italian Alps, Milan is very close to several other cities and attractions such as Venice and Florence, great skiing and the seashore villages of Liguria and Cinque Terre.  Each are just a few short hours (or less) away, which makes Milan a great place to live or tour.

The history of Milan goes back as far as 222 B.C. — the key factor of the city's success was credited to trade, which led the city to a great success in development.  Milan then went through several transitions over the years, beginning in 1535, when the city fell under Spanish rule, and then in 1713, the city was passed to Austria.  In 1802, Milan became the capital of Napoleon's Italian Republic, and he was crowned King of Italy and Milan in 1805.

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