Working Committee 3

Contacts in WOC 3 for the triennium 2006 - 2009 / Introduction WOC3 / Study Groups

Contacts in WOC 3

Chairman of WOC 3
Helge Wolf
Phone: +49 201 184 5010
Fax: +49 201 184 24 5010

Vice Chairman
Eric Dam
Phone: +31 50 521 2800
Fax: +31 50 521 1962

Uwe Klaas
Phone: +49 228 9188 821
Fax: +49 228 9188 996

Introduction of Working Committee 3: Gas Transmission

Working Committee 3 (WOC3) purpose is to gather information and analyse the development of technology, legislation and economics behind pipeline transmission systems.


In the past, IGU has adequately approached this topic as a system which integrates these issues, whereby any development on a given area will have an immediate impact on the rest, and it is our intention to continue doing so during the 2006-2009 triennium.


Furthermore, and recognising that the gas industry is encompassed within the larger system of the global society it services, we intend to include environmental aspects and other issues related to sustainable development, continuing the trend established by our Union during the past triennia.


The recent decades has witnessed a robust development of the natural gas infrastructure to face an increasing market, and the continuing trend of this energy demand compel us to keep a vigilant attitude to both asset management, and the challenges for future expansion, in the goal of ensuring security of supply, within safe and environmentally friendly set of practices.


Study Groups of WOC3

SG 3.1: Impact of regulation on gas transmission, safty and security of supply

SG 3.2: Review of new technologies in pipeline and construction monitoring

SG 3.3: Contribution of gas transmission to climate protection and sustainable development


05.-07.09. 2006   First WOC3 meeting in Essen/Germany

17.-19.04.2007    WOC3 meeting in Bratislava/Slovakia

25.-27.09.2007    WOC3 meeting in Bled/Slovenia

10.-12.03.2008    WOC3 meeting in Argentina

09.-11.09.2008    WOC3 meeting in Graz/Austria

Late April 2009    WOC3 meeting in Malaysia

05.-09.10.2009    24th WGC in Buenos Aires/Argentina

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