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Present energy context is moving between the dilemma of supply guarantee and climate change, consequence of the massive use of fossil fuel to resolve energy problems.

In this scenario, energy decisions are favouring the implementation of renewable energies to solve both problems. However, renewable energies are not enough to solve the world’s energy supply problem and require a support fuel. Natural gas is, without doubt, the ideal fuel for this function and IGU, which has been characterized historically for its environmental and sustainability, is willing to study these synergies and provide constructive solutions for the future.

In addition, IGU has the will to reduce any adverse impact of industry installations. For that   reason, studies are directed at studying formulas and processes which promote improvements in process efficiency and the safety of operations.

Looking into the future, applicable energy models are appearing which consider two final-  use energy vectors: hydrogen and electricity and propose that CO2 be captured and confined. Undoubtedly, this model will have repercussions in the gas industry which must be analysed.



Study Group 1: Carbon Capture and Storage

Study Group 2: Natural Gas and Renewable Gases

Study Group 3: Life Cycle Analysis of the Natural Gas Chain

Study Group 4: Environmental aspects of Unconventional Gas