WOC 1 Third Meeting

The third meeting of WOC 1 took place in Kota Kinabalu, Eastern Malaysia, 4-7 September 2013. Committee members debated on the themes for the next World Gas Conference and started the writing up of their triennial report.


Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa, Kota Kinabalu

Entry documents




Joint plenary session, 5 September

Torstein Indrebo, News from the IGU Secretariat

Yves Tournie, News from the IGU Presidency

Ir. Pramod Kumar Karunakaran, Gas development and infrastructure in Malaysia

Datuk Rahim Abdul Hashim, Petronas' efforts on sustainability

Dato' Hj Harun Hj Ismail, An innovative gas distribution

Plenary session, 5 September

Denis Krambeck Dinelli, WOC 1 Progress Report

Study group sessions, 5-6 September

SG 1.1 E&P technology

Nazri Idzlan B A Malek, Opening remarks and agenda for SG 1.1 Meeting

Bramanta Subroto, Drilling systems

Yassine Mestiri, Gas virtual pipeline

Rashidah Karim, Technology innovation in exploration and production

Lenny Marlina, Technology: Driving global gas growth

Chalermkiat Tongtaow, Geophysics Technology: Reservoir Characterization

Li Yang, Gas factories for shale gas development

Ekaterina Litvinova, Gas production in western Siberia

SG 1.2 Assessment of reserves and resources

Fernando Bado, Conventional and unconventional gas reserves and resources

Denis Krambeck Dinelli, Gas E&P trends

SG 1.3 Gas rent and mineral property rights

Zainal Abidin Zainudin, Production sharing contracts in Malaysia: Evolution and perspectives

DMF, Thailand upstream overview

Michael Lee, Fiscal regimes of Mozambique and Tanzania

Liliane Wietzerbin, Evolution of fiscal regimes through time: Netherlands and UK

Alexey Semenov, Recent developments in Russia's shelf oil and gas regime

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, Gas rent survey

Plenary session, 6 September

Im Xaxanuhani Bt Zulkifli, Partial results and next steps for SG 1.1 

Mohammed Kaced, Partial results and next steps for SG 1.2

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, Partial results and next steps for SG 1.3

Joint plenary session, 6 September

Mohamad Reza Yousefypour,  Iran natural gas outlook

Michael Lee, Next meeting of WOC 1 and PGC A

Minutes of meeting

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