WOC 5: Utilisation

The overall objective of the WOC 5 will be to describe the situation in the diverse areas of gas utilisation, identifying the trends, tendencies, technologies and practices, and evaluate and propose actions for further market development.


Mr. Eugene Pronin
NGV Consultant
Gazprom Export
9 Strastnoy boulevard
127006 Russian Federation

tel +7 (495) 719-1481


Mr. Mohammad Reza Ghodsizadeh
National Iranian Gas Co (NIGC), Iran
N°10 Shiroody St Mofatteh St

tel +9821 88328644 ghodsizadeh@nigceng.ir

Valery Nemov


Dr. Valery Nemov
Pricing chief specialist
Gazprom export
9 Strastnoy boulevard
127006, Russian Federation

tel v.nemov@gazpromexport.com


Scope and Purposes


Gas use is the ultimate objective of the international gas industry. This is where the ingenuity, work and dedication of millions of gas industry employees meet their final destination – the billions of end customers scattered around the globe. This is where gas is used to power and heat public buildings and homes, to cook food and power vehicles.

During the 2012 – 2015 triennium, WOC 5 will continue to monitor existing and future gas uses to further develop the global gasmarket and improve our customers’ quality of life.

Customer testimonials, best practices, promising technologies and future potentials on gas use will be researched and the findings distributed worldwide for the benefit of end gas users. 

WOC 5 will continue working with other IGU Working

and Programme Committees, Task Forces, international

businesses and local politicians.

Study Groups