World Gas Conferences

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24th World Gas Conference, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Conference web site (presentations and Special Projects from WGC 2009 have been uploaded to this site)

Online album with pictures from WGC 2009 (editor:Roberto Eduardo Decumex, WGC 2009)

Committee Reports and Papers

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23rd World Gas Conference, in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Presentations (Full proceedings from WGC 2006)

Correct version of paper 99.14
Please be informed that one of the papers published on the Proceedings & Committee Reports CD-rom is not correct: "Combined Test with the Improved Performance Twister (tm) Supersonic Separator and the Gasunie Cyclone Separator", author: J.W.F. Janssen, NV Nederlandse Gasunie, Groningen, the Netherlands


(also available on CD-roms by contacting the IGU Secretariat )

Final Report of the World Gas Conference 2006


22nd World Gas Conference in Tokyo, Japan

Letter of Appreciation from the Immediate Past President, Mr Hiroshi Urano

Opening Address by the IGU President

22nd World Gas Conference Tokyo 2003

Closing Address by the IGU President


21st World Gas Conference in Nice, France


20th World Gas Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark


Proceedings from the 20th and 21st WGC in 1997 and 2000 respectively can be obtained free of charge from the IGU Secretariat.