WOC 1 Fourth Meeting

The fourth meeting of WOC 1 in the current IGU triennium took place at the Renaissance Hotel in Seoul, 10-13 March 2014, with PGC A (Sustainability) and PGC C (Gas Markets). Committee members debated on how to sustainably supply the world gas market, and completed a first draft of their triennial report.

Entry documents

Minutes of meeting, Kota Kinabalu

Invitation from host

Invitation from WOC 1 Chairman



Joint plenary session, 11 March

Georges Liens, Committee work progress

Kun-Ho Lee, The natural gas industry in Korea and the role of Kogas

Karen Sund, Gas: Global and sustainable soon?

Sanjeev Gupta, Global oil and gas transactions

Ross McVey, The future of gas to power in Europe

Jaishankar Krishnamurthy, Global LNG: Will new demand and new supply mean new pricing?

Leslie Palti-Guzman, Key challenges for Asian buyers: From geopolitics to pricing

WOC 1 plenary session, 11 March

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, WOC 1 progress report

Study group sessions, 11-12 March

SG 1.1 E&P technology

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, Natural gas flaring

SG 1.2 Assessment of reserves and resources

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, Conventional gas

SG 1.3 Rent and mineral property rights

Pawel Jagosiak, Norwegian continental shelf tax regime

Zainal Zainudin, Petronas unconventional journey

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, Fiscal benefits for the production of oil and gas in the USA

Pawel Jagosiak, PGNiG and unconventionals 

WOC 1 plenary session, 12 March

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, Closing information

Guadalupe Vargas, Next committee meeting of WOC 1

Joint plenary session, 12 March

PGC A Sustainability

Susumo Nishio, SG A.1 Carbon capture and storage

Elbert Huijzer, SG A.2 Natural gas and renewable gases

Anne Prieur Vernat, SG A.3 Life cycle assessment

Maria Gabriela Rosello, SG A.4 Environmental aspects of unconventional gas

PGC C Gas markets

Alexey Biteryakov, SG C.1 The role of natural gas in the electricity generation mix

Shigeki Sakamoto, SG C.2 Market implications of unconventional gas


Im Xaxanuhani Bt Zulkifli, SG 1.1 Technological advances in the exploration and production of natural gas

Mohamed Kaced, SG1.2 Assessment of global reserves and resources

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, SG 1.3 Gas rent and mineral property rights

Minutes of meeting

Minutes of meeting (draf)


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