Welcome reception, 10 March

The Secretary General of the KGU, Mr. Jae-Seob Kim, welcomes the participants at the reception dinner.

Joint plenary session, 11 March

The Chairmand of the Coordination Committee, Mr. Georges Liens, describes the preparatives for WGC 2015.

Study group sessions, 11 March

The study groups of WOC 1

Gala dinner, 11 March

Mr. Seok-Hyo Jang, Kogas CEO and candidate to the Presidency of the IGU 2018-2012, addresses the audience.

The night ended with a display of fireworks.

Joint plenary session, 12 March

In the final plenary, the study group leaders presented the progress made.

Farewell dinner, 12 March

Mr. Bong-Suh Lee, former Ministry of Industry and Trade, toasts the attendance during dinner.

Technical tour, 13 March

IGU delegates watch a presentation at the Incheon Terminal.


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