WOC 1 First Meeting

The first meeting of WOC 1 in the current IGU triennium took place at the Renaissance Hotel in Sapporo, 25-28 September 2012, in conjunction with PGC A. Committee members debated on their terms of reference to organise a division of the work, appointing themes and leaders for the studies proposed.


Renaissance Hotel, Sapporo


Entry documents

Invitation from Chairman

Invitation from Tokyo Gas


Preparatory literature

SG 1.1 Petrobras Technology 2011

SG 1.2 Wood Mackenzie The future of exploration

SG 1.3 Ernst & Young Global oil and gas tax guide 2012 



Joint Plenary Sessions, 26 September


Satoshi Yoshida, Welcome to Sapporo

Guidelines from the Coordination Commitee

Georges Liens and Yves Tournié, Triennial work programme, committee transversalities and IT instruments

Committee transversalities

Mel Ydreos, IGU and shale gas

Georges Liens, Gas advocacy

Peter Toth, WOC 3

Satoshi Yoshida, PGC A contribution to the IGU strategic vision

Denis Krambeck Dinelli, WOC 1 contribution to the IGU strategic vision

Invited presentation

Richard Oppenheim, The role of gas in an ideal energy mix: A UK perspective

WOC 1 Sessions, 26-27 September

Denis Krambeck Dinelli, Triennial Work Programme for WOC 1

Adif Zulkifli, Technological advances in the exploration and production of natural gas (SG 1.1)

Vincent Trocme, Topics for the 2012-2015 triennium (SG 1.1 and SG 1.2)

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, Gas rent and mineral property rights study proposal (SG 1.3)

Nazri Malek, Transversalities between WOC 1 and TF 1

Boris Sharipov, Development of CBM in Russia: First results and prospects

Joint Plenary Session, 27 September

Meeting results, terms of reference for study groups and next steps

Denis Krambeck Dinelli, Summary

Adif Zulkifli, SG 1.1

Mohamed Kaced, SG 1.2

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, SG 1.3

Next meeting

Marcos de Freitas Sugaya, Second joint committee meeting of WOC 1 and PGC A


Minutes of meeting and report to the CC

Minutes of meeting

Report to the Coordination Committee



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